Ken Masters at Comic Con

Harga Laptop Terbaru - Not only show off the official helmet of Mega Man, Capcom also plays a trailer of the latest Street Fighter V, which featured the figure of Ken Masters at the San Diego Comic Con 2015.

In Street Fighter V, Ken appears with no clothes as usual. Capcom really did an overhaul of the Ryu design CHUM. Ken no longer appear with flowing blonde hair, but rather appear cool with ponytail hair and tight clothes sporty.

In his announcement, Capcom described Ken as an aggressive fighter with great damage and combo-fast combos. The decision to change the design in accordance with the commitment of Ken Capcom has ever said it wanted to make all the Street Fighter character impressed.

Just like Ryu or Chun-Li, Ken is an iconic character of the Street Fighter series since first released. Therefore, no afdol it feels if the owner's style is Shouryuken could not enliven 5th series games Capcom scuffles that.

Street Fighter V himself is scheduled to release March 2016. Any way, for those who can’t wait to try out, Capcom released a Beta version of this exclusive PlayStation 4games on July 23, 2015 with a total of six fighters.

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